REVIEW – I The Betrayer – 7 (EP)

Mixing influences from both old school and new school metal allows Norways I The Betrayer to explore various influences from those two distinct but familiar types of metal and this mixture forms the basis of their new EP 7. Powerful vocals mix with with crunching riffs and precise solos and this melds in with a more groove orientated style to create a sound that feels familiar but has a enough of the bands personality on it to give it its own vibe. The bands influences do loom large though, there is a big Metallica feel at times and others, a big Machine Head vibe in there as well as In Flames with hints of classic death metal in there too. Those vocals, courtesy of singer Chris Woborg stand out and at times are more of those more suited to a power metal band but the bands riffs and rhythms adapt to make the vocalist sound at home and the use of melody works well with the I The Betrayer groove especially on the track Conformity. Elsewhere, tracks like the opening Credulity, Selfish Ride and Creature Of Hate are straight down the line metal anthems which work well but it is … Continue reading REVIEW – I The Betrayer – 7 (EP)